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Alaina Rowswell-Kulikowski is recently certified in pediatric Vojta Therapy
Assisting developmentally delayed infants and children in mobility and ambulation.

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Dr. Alaina Rowswell-Kulikowski

      Doctor of Chiropractic  
ICA Board Certified in Pediatrics  

  “Dr. Alaina “ is a native of Grand Island, New York graduating from high school in 1985.  She did her pre-med undergraduate work at SUNY @ Brockport.  After graduating from Palmer Chiropractic College - West in San Jose, California, she returned to Western New York.  In 2002, she finished a 3 year post doctorate Pediatric program from Palmer Chiropractic University and is now Board Certified by the International Chiropractic Association Pediatrics Council.  Alaina Rowswell-Kulikowski is the author of One-year-old Child Diagnosed With Auditory Nauropathy and Developmental Delay Responds With Measurable Gains After Chropractic Care,  published in 2007 by The Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics.



Conditions helped with Chiropractic Care

Dr. Alaina has helped children with a variety of “Dis-ease” complaints or symptoms.  Maybe she could help your child or a child you care about.    

* Bed wetting   * Colic    * Developmental Delay

* Frequent, chronic earaches

*  Scoliosis   *  Pigeon Toe or Foot Flare

*  Difficulty walking   *  Poor posture  

*  Headaches , cranial disorders

*  Frequent Sinus Pressure

*  Breathing difficulties /Asthma

*  Constipation

*  Sports injuries                     

 Dr. Alaina and her husband, Kevin Kulikowski reside on Grand Island with their three children, Grace, Joseph and Bethany.

Better Health through Chiropractic

Many people are looking toward holistic and alternative care these days for their health care options. The Chiropractic philosophy is based on the principle that healing progresses from above down inside out.  It is obvious that the body has an innate healing ability.  If we as parents, and health care providers could work with the body’s own God-given healing potential, we could see remarkable change in the health and wellness of our children.

That is where Dr. Alaina Rowswell-Kulikowski fits in.  Dr. Alaina promotes a wellness based practice where every possible natural and non-invasive measure is used to help the body heal itself with out medication or surgery.  Chiropractic is not a substitute for good medical care.  Dr. Alaina tries to maintain optimal communication with your medical doctor and keep her informed of chiropractic objectives.  Her main focus is to help each child through chiropractic and natural options to obtain optimal health.

Chiropractic care is primarily for the detection and removal of the vertebral subluxation complex.  Our bodies are made up of a series of joints.   From the vertebrae to the knuckles, each joint has a nerve supply, blood supply and lymph supply running through it.  These supplies are the major lines of defense for the body to fight dis-ease.  When joints move properly, the body’s own natural healing process is not impaired.





Nerve supply
- controls the musculature, where and when the body moves, which organs should function at which time.

 Blood supply - The blood supplies oxygen and nutrition with necessary hormones and body chemicals for healing.

 Lymph supply - This largely works as a sewer system.  It drains the end products of  metabolism and homeostatic events from the body to the excrement.

     When the chiropractor evaluates posture and joint function, 
she can determine where the body needs assistance in healing. 
    Joint motion is the key to unlocking healing potential

Easy access from the  190, to Sheridan Drive and right on Military Road.

Convenient hours before or after school and Saturday mornings.


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